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cesar chavezvideo

Cesar Chavez day March 31st

"once social changed has started it cannot be reversed. You cannot uneducated the person who has learned. You cannot humiliate a person with pride...

Fiesta De La Flor April 13th-14th 2018, Corpus Christi Texas- Selena forever celebration

Fiesta de la Flor is a 2-day festival that celebrates the life & legacy of Selena Quintanilla, known to her many admirers as the...

Latina killed in Miami bridge collapse was international student (full story) 3/17/2018

3/16/2018, Miami-The first victim identified in the  Florida bridge collapse that killed six people on Thursday was an 18-year-old Florida International University (FIU) student...

fights: Mexicano vs. BLM thugs Ultimate Compilation PT1. (VIDEO)


Latin Ladies LowRider Edition! (VIDEO)


Canelo Alvarez vs. GGG rematch- Cinco De Mayo- Las Vegas! (highlight video)


King Lil G’ drops new Album 3/10/2018

Paint the city blue from King LIl G' DROPPED TODAY 3/10/2018 IT IS HIS 12 Album from the independent rapper from LA -

23 years after her death Selena Quintanilla tops Google trends…again!

Selena Quintanilla AGAIN has jumped into the trends of both Google and Yahoo search engine giant. The Mexicana music sensation has been popping up in...
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