Crimes against Latinas: Its official Vanessa Guillen is dead


Houston Texas: Vanessa Guillen remains have been found near fort Hood chopped up and in buried in a shallow grave ,reportedly done by her staff Sergeant who casually walked in on her in her barracks while she was dressing, he then (whom was the only suspect) beat her to death with a steel club and moved her body off base. Vanessa repeatedly told her mother about the drill sergeants unwanted advances but didn’t go to her head commanders because the military historically does nothing to stop harassment of its soldiers at fort Hood which is described as a “ghetto” Army base with many other crimes including rape murder robbery and looting- being committed in and around Hood. Aaron David Robinson, The one and only suspected committed suicide by putting a pistol in his mouth. An accomplish (who is a white female) is facing 22 years in prison for helping dismembered Vanessa and stashing her remains in a shallow grave.

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“Crimes against Latinas” is an ongoing report involving all crimes against Latinas in order to shed light to prevent future ones from happening.