Ryan Garcia just destroyed his critic’s hand-picked opponent!


One of the hottest new boxers on the scene just unloaded on his hand-picked opponent most of Ryans haters said he was too afraid to fight! a lot of Garcia’s youtube and Instagram trolls have been saying for months now that Garcia was all hype and was afraid to fight thee most feared fighter in the division which was Romero Duno who had a record of 21 wins with 18 kos! Ryan Garcia has millions of female followers on his Instagram account which some suspect is the cause for a lot of hate from other males for all the attention he gets from members of the opposite sex. Oscar De La Hoya went through the same thing during his glorious boxing career. Speaking of the Golden Boy Oscar gave Ryan Garcia 1 million dollars for the fight that lasted less than a round with Duno completely out! Garcia is in line to be one of the highest-paid athletes in the world De La Hoya said.-Team Latin All Starz.