Julio Cesar Chavez Honored at ceremony


-THE REAL -GREATEST EVER …-Julio Cesar Chávez holds records for the most total successful defenses of world titles (27) most title fight victories (31) and fighters beaten for the title (31), and most title fights (37); he has the most title defenses won by knockout (21,) His fight record was 89 wins, 0 losses and a 90% knock out rate at the height of his career -. Chávez won six world titles in three weight divisions: WBC Super Featherweight (1984), WBA Lightweight (1987), WBC Lightweight (1988), WBC Light Welterweight (1989), IBF Light Welterweight (1990) and WBC Light Welterweight (1994) for the second time. He was also awarded The Ring Lightweight Championship in 1988. World champions whom Chávez defeated include Jose Luis Ramírez, Rafael Limón, Rocky Lockridge, Meldrick Taylor, Roger Mayweather, Lonnie Smith, Sammy Fuentes, Héctor “Macho” Camacho, Juan Laporte, Edwin Rosario, Greg Haugen, Tony López, Giovanni Parisi, Joey Gamache …..nobody did it better. nobody. -TEAM LATIN ALL STARZ