Andy Ruiz JR is the new Heavyweight Champion of the world!


IBO, WBC, WBO IBF are the four heavyweight championship belts Andy Ruiz Jr. took away from undefeated and heavily favored Anthony Joshua Saturday night and the historic Madison Square Garden in New York City on Saturday, June 2nd, 2019. Andy Ruiz is now the top heavyweight in the division after beating the top champion and British citizen Anthony Joshua. points to ponder after this incredible win by the Mexican American.

  • Andy Ruiz – some trolls on the internet with their “expert opinions” gave the Mexican American the now superstar a zero chance of winning against what most would say was the top and without a doubt the most accomplished heavyweight in the division in Anthony Joshua. IBO, WBC, WBO, IBO former world champion.
  • Andy Ruiz actually showed up in better condition than in previous fights with a trimmed midsection and a bulked up upper torso with huge biceps, he looked to be applying weight training in his workout routine that most Mexican fighters simply don’t do because they think it’s tabo!……it paid off because Ruiz was 20 pounds bigger than Joshua and had tons more power as evident as Ruiz controlled the ring the entire fight.
  • Both fighters respected each other which was a pleasant surprise as a lot of pre-fight shenanigans have brought shame to the sport over the years.
  • The fight started with both men respecting each others power for the first few rounds.
  • Joshua drew first blood as he dropped  Ruiz with a straight right on the chin that put Jr. down hard in the third. The destroyer a nickname for Ruiz, got up unfazed and looked more pissed off than anything.
  • Thinking Andy was done and going on the attack Joshua was met with two looping right hands to the side of the face two times that knocked him down and close to being out.
  • Ruiz Jr. would drop the champion 4 more times in all and would finish him in the 7th after the referee and Joshua both agreed to it was time to end it.
  • A few ignorant people on the internet, (Stephen A. Smith) of biased ESPN, conjured up in their minds the fight might have been fixed. But they weren’t in there taking hard power punches to the temple all night from the ko artist Andy Ruiz Jr. the new heavyweight champion of the world.
  • Next up Andy Ruiz Jr. should get another big payday and defend his titles to possibly a rematch with Joseph Parker- a fighter most claim Andy had beaten, only to “lose” a decision from the judges’ scorecards. last year.
  • Andy Ruiz has stated that he will take the crown seriously and too get into much better shape than he has previously.

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